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Where superstars align to bring out each child’s star.

Our story is about amazing people who come together because we are all inspired by the same thing.

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– Our Story

Consider us family.

After decades of serving children, families, schools, and other institutions, we founded Intellistars on the greatest lesson we learned:
To raise the child, build the family.
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Cumulative years in education and care experience


Custom treatment plans, individualized for each patient
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Relationships between each therapist, child and family
- The Big Idea

Making ABA therapy professionals belong.

In a career world gone temporary, Intellistars employs unpopular incentives such as loving each of our team members, valuing their contributions to our shared mission, promoting their ideas, and rewarding their good work.

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– Our Why

Founder’s Word

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We come together so no child goes it alone.

I have always believed that childhood is the most crucial stage in a person’s life; that period when an individual is formed, molded, and set into their final, lasting potential.

For some children, there are challenges: medical issues or developmental trials to overcome.

What child can possibly be expected to handle these alone?

In today’s world, we are facing a time when the family unit is more stressed than in any other age. And the average length for the relationship between child and therapist is shrinking to a duration no more than fleeting.
So I chose to do the impossible. To create an enduring, compassionate support system for struggling children.
To create Intellistars, an extraordinary family of ABA professionals that sticks together for the long term, thereby creating the therapeutic home every child needs to hang their own star.

Let’s build a new kind of family.

—Miriam Greenwald
Chief Caring Officer
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