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What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific approach to understanding behavior. It is used to increase or decrease behaviors, and teach skills including learning, communication, life, and social skills

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How does ABA therapy work?

ABA therapy is based on the science of learning and behavior. It is used for a variety of functions:

• To decrease unwanted behaviors: A behavior therapist will analyze your child’s behavior to determine the cause or trigger of the behavior. The therapist will then create a custom plan to teach your child how to meet their needs in a positive way.

• To increase desired behaviors: The behavior therapist will reinforce desired behaviors, and determine how to react to unwanted behaviors

• To teach skills: ABA therapists use task analyses to break down skills into tiny increments that can be taught and reinforced. Often a skill has many pre-requisite skills that need to be mastered prior to the desired skill.

• To teach communication: ABA therapists use a variety of methods to increase communication to help children verbalize their needs and increase social communication. For children who struggle with verbal communication, the ABA therapist may use methods such as PECS (picture exchange communication system), sign language, as well as AAC devices.

Throughout each process, the therapist will take data to analyze and tweak the programs to maximize accuracy and effectiveness

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I think my child may have Autism. What should I do?

Schedule an appointment with your child’s pediatrician to discuss your developmental concerns. Your pediatrician may give you a diagnosis or refer you to a neurologist or psychologist for formal evaluations and diagnosis.

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How do I get services for my child?

Once your child has a diagnosis, call our office! A care specialist will listen to your story, answer all of your questions, take down your information; and send you an intake form.

Our care specialist are with you all the way, and are available to help you fill out your forms!

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How much does ABA therapy cost?

ABA therapy is covered by most insurances plans for children with Autism. Call our office to speak with a care specialist to verify your eligibility for ABA therapy.

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